About Us

Who We are

Panda Infratech Limited was never conceived to be just another builder in Bhubaneswar. Steeped in the founder’s philosophy that envisioned the company as an organisation making meaningful contributions to the society, Panda Infratech Limited always knew that building apartments in Bhubaneswar was only one of the means that would help it achieve the bigger goal—making a difference to countless number of lives.

However, just giving families a happy home wasn’t enough. The Group also wanted to ensure that our earth was ‘happy’ too.

And that is why every project that it undertakes follows the ‘greener path’, adhering to eco-friendly norms and policies, leaving behind a positive footprint for the future.


We aim to be the architects of beautiful homes and the contributors to a green planet. All our actions today are guided by our dream to become the preferred builders of Odisha.


We are working to emerge as an Organisation with thousands of happy customers, beautiful buildings and a green legacy.

Core Value

Panda infratech Limited firmly believes that an ethically-sound system of values is the backbone to any efficacious endeavour. That is why, the company draws its strength from a lofty set of principles that act as the beacon showing the light to all its members. The company understands what it takes to become a preferred builder in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and India and is ready to go the extra mile.


Dreams turn into reality through diligence and determination, and Panda Infratech Limited understands this too well. Each of its creations, be it an apartment in Bhubaneswar or a duplex in BBSR, receives the same care and attention that has remained the hallmark of its best constructions.


Delivering quality homes is the first step to becoming a trustworthy builder. And the company has followed this principle with unswerving dedication. All its homes, irrespective of their price, use superior building material and finish.


A homeowner never ‘buys’ an apartment, he opts for a lifestyle. Panda Infratech Limited strives to offer that lifestyle by creating projects that keep in mind location advantages, connectivity, and proximity to other necessary aspects of modern life.


Aesthetic designs, optimum use of space, and superior living conditions are a few of the aspects that every Panda Infratech creation emanates. The company believes that customers are happy when the investment is worth every penny.


Panda Infratech Limited is committed to building beautiful homes for families without invading into the beauty of our planet. The company always adheres to eco-friendly processes and is on a mission to contribute to a greener future.